Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mike and Sulley cakes from Monsters inc.

Here are the cakes I made from monster inc. My main tip is do to sulley's horns, eyes, and purple spots first. Then work the blue fur around it. I made many mistakes on the features, but was able to fix it easily because I didn't do the blue yet.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Monster High Party

For the monster high party I did a lot of online browsing. Since they are fairly new, there wasn't a lot of homemade ideas. Many ideas were things to buy. My daughter also wanted to incorporate dirt dessert since it went with the monster/gore theme. Instead of using pudding I used ice cream... And it turned out great. I took vanilla ice cream and let it thaw for a bit. I spread it in a baking pan. Then added crushed Oreos. Then I took chocolate ice cream ,thawed it a bit and spread that on-top of the Oreos. Then I added some gummy worms. Take a look at some of the ideas I had. Enjoy!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Halloween Stromboli

I know this isn't for a birthday or a cake but it turned out so cool. What a fun idea to make for dinner on halloween night or for a Halloween party. It's quick and easy. I took pizza dough and flattened it out. I added cheese (can add meat, veggies, etc also). Then I rolled it up. I pinched the dough in the right spot to make knuckle marks. I used green food color to make the green gross nails. The finished product would have pizza sauce at the bottom of the fingers to make it look like blood.

Girl Scout Daisy Cake

This is made from two 9x13 cakes to layer. JoAnn fabrics has the daisy candies to put on top. Simple cake to make.

Spongebob Cake

This is made from two 9x13 cakes. It's a layered cake. Then decorate. Simple cake to do.

Kick Buttowski Cake

I made two 9x13 cakes. Cut out a circle from each (same size). It is a layered cake. Use the leftovers (should be two rectangles) to form the hand. Then it's just a matter of decorating it.

Pirate party

Here are some images from our pirate party. Acmoore and Michael's have a ton of pirate themed crafts, which I used for favors.
The cake is just two 9x13 cakes. You icing the bottom one and set some candy and coins down less in the back of the cake and more in the front. Then, with help, lay the second layer on top, it should lay at an angle. Then you icing the top and smooth it along the edges to connect the back two pieces. Add in more candy and coins to fill in spots.
I also made a huge display of a treasure map. All out of construction paper.